Don’t Make Me Think

DON’T MAKE ME THINK, REVISITED: A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability

by Steve Krug

Today, it’s inconceivable for a successful business not to have a website or web presence. And, the concepts of user experience (UX) design and web usability are no longer just limited to “techies” or web designers/developers.  Any entrepreneur or business leader can benefit from understanding how to build things that are easy to use. This book equips you and your team with an understanding of how humans behave, with valuable principles/tips to prevent and address usability issues. Web usability is fundamentally about human psychology, not technology. And unlike technology, the human brain is slow to change.  Once you understand how human psychology works, you can continue to apply the insights even as technology and landscapes evolve.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• What’s usability and what are the 3 laws of web usability;
How people really use the web, and how you should think about and design your  website to be easy to use and navigate; and
• How you can conduct usability testing for a fraction of the time and cost, and significantly improve your website effectiveness; and
• The practical principles and tips for web design, web navigation, Home Page design and other usability factors (e.g. mobile and accessibility).

Who should read this:
• Web developers and designers
• Entrepreneurs & business leaders involved in marketing and business development
• Anyone interested to understand human behavior & how to make things more usable

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