Company of One

COMPANY OF ONE: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business

By Paul Jarvis

When we think of business, we tend to assume that bigger is better, and the default is to keep growing and adding more. In reality, growth isn’t always good. Growing for the sake of growing can hurt a business, regardless of whether you’re a startup or established company. The Company of One represents a a new way of thinking about your business and career. It challenges if growth is truly needed, and if so, how to grow with the same or less resources. It’s about focusing on what you can do now with existing resources, with the goal to make the business better, not just bigger. That way, you can spend/do less and have more time, money and freedom to live the life you want.

In this summary, you’ll learn: 

• Why a bigger company may not be better, more stable or profitable;

• The 4 traits of a Company of One, how you can accomplish more with just 1 person or a few people, and how to embed a Company of One in a large organization; and

• How to build, lead and maintain a Company of One, including how to (i) adopt the right mindset, (ii) launch and iterate with baby steps, (iii) stand out with your unique personality, (iv) build trust and long-term relationships, (v) leverage scalable systems, and (vi) transit from your current career to a new business area.

Who should read this:
• Freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs
• Business leaders and managers

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