Built to Sell

BUILT TO SELL: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You

By John Warrillow

Do you find yourself stuck in your business because it depends too heavily on you? What does it take to build a business that can thrive without you, and can be sold for an attractive price? Regardless of whether you have firm plans to sell your company, it’s always good to have exit options. In this book, John Warrillow illustrates an 8-step model for building a sellable business.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• What it takes to sell a business and why you’d want to avoid an earn out arrangement;
• Why small businesses should focus on a specialization and how to become #1 in your niche;
• The 8-step model to build a sellable business that can thrive without you, including tips for building the business, automating your processes, freeing yourself from the day-to-day operations, communicating the sale to the team and getting the most competitive price from the potential buyer.

Who should read this:
• Entrepreneurs and Small business Owners (or SMBs)
• Business Consultants

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