The Untethered Soul

THE UNTETHERED SOUL: The Journey Beyond Yourself

by Michael Alan Singer

This book takes us on a spiritual journey inward to discover and connect with our true selves. It then goes beyond that to help us elevate our spiritual awareness and expand beyond individual consciousness and merge with universal consciousness to achieve true enlightenment.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• How to awaken your consciousness, peel away the layers, and discover who you truly are;

• How to tap into an infinite source of internal energy;

• How to recognize and work through internal blockages, release fears and disturbances, and elevate yourself spiritually;

• How to keep moving beyond your existing psychological limits and progress toward enlightenment; and

• How to be unconditionally happy, overcome the fear of death, find the natural equilibrium in everything, and experience God’s divine love.

Who should read this:
• Anyone seeking spiritual growth, inner peace and enlightenment; and
• Those interested in mindfulness, yoga, and meditative practices.

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