The Purpose Driven Life

THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE: What on Earth am I Here For?

by Rick Warren

Why do we exist on earth? What’s the meaning of life and what purpose are you meant to fulfill?  This book unveils God’s 5 key purposes for you on Earth and takes you through a 40-day spiritual journey, so you can reflect on the insights/applications to truly understand live with clarity and purpose. While this book is primarily for Christians/believers who wish to deepen their relationship with God; it can also be a great resource for nonbelievers to understand practical Christian teachings and find meaning in life.

In this summary, you’ll learn:

• Why you truly exist on earth, and how to live with less stress, more clarity, greater meaning and joy;
• How to make the most of your time on Earth to fulfill God’s 5 purposes for you, and to prepare for eternal life; and
• How to balance all 5 purposes and start to live on purpose.

Who should read this:
• Christians or believers who wish to deepen their relationship with God;
• Anyone who wishes to find meaning in life and is open to learning about Christian teachings and philosophies.

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