The Great Game of Business

THE GREAT GAME OF BUSINESS: The Only Sensible Way To Run A Company

by Jack Stack

In most companies, employees are asked to just do their job and leave the business to others. What if everyone in the company is educated about business, understands business financials and knows exactly how his/her work affects the company’s success/failure? The Great Game of Business, also known as open-book management, is about opening your books to the entire organization, equipping everyone with the ability to read financial statements and make financial decisions, and giving them a stake in the business, so you create a company where people think and act like owners.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• A new way of thinking about business that allows you to unleash the energy and creativity of every employee and direct it toward improving business profitability and long-term success;
• The 9 key philosophies and components behind open-book management, and how to use the Game to educate, motivate, align everyone in your organization;
How to implement the Great Game of Business and in phases, and integrate the components with a 3-part framework.

Who should read this:
• Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, managers and executives
• Consultants and trainers

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