Financial Intelligence

FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE: A Manager’s Guide to Knowing What The Numbers Really Mean

by Karen Berman & Joe Knight

Every organization – both profit and non-profit – needs money to survive and thrive. Yet, most managers can’t make sense of financial numbers. This is not a book about the technicalities of finance or accounting.  Instead, Karen Berman and Joe Knight focus on helping employees, managers and leaders to understand and use financial numbers in their work, so they can make better decisions, manage resources and stakeholders wisely, and better contribute to their organization’s financial health.

In this summary, you’ll learn: 

• The 4 skillsets for financial literacy including: the basics of financial management, the art of presenting and interpreting numbers, analyzing numbers for decision-making, and seeing the big picture behind financial results;

• The truths behind financial numbers and statements, and learn why you can’t trust the numbers;

• How your daily work activities/decisions could affect your company’s financials, how to analyze the numbers using various ratios, make better decisions, improve your company’s financial health and build a financially intelligent organization.

Who should read this:
• Leaders and managers in both profit and non-profit organizations.
• Anyone who wishes to understand financial numbers and management accounting without going through formal training.

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