ENTRELEADERSHIP: 20 Years Of Practical Business Wisdom From The Trenches

by Dave Ramsey

A leader guides and inspires others while an entrepreneur takes on and manages the risks for a venture. To build a prosperous and thriving business, you need EntreLeadership—a blend of both leadership and entrepreneurship. This is a business playbook by Dave Ramsey that captures essential business fundamentals and the common pitfalls to avoid in starting and growing a business, including specific components needed to nurture EntreLeadership in yourself and your team.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
• A big picture overview of the key components needed to grow a successful business, with practical tips that you can apply immediately;
• The 14 aspects of EntreLeadership, including how to move from dreams to goals, make the most of your time, make hard decisions, do great marketing, select/start/grow a business, hire/fire people, sell by serving, develop financial health, develop a culture of communication, build loyalty and unity, magnify success, address 3 critical operational areas, develop effective compensation plans and delegate effectively; and
• The tips on how to nurture all 14 EntreLeadership philosophies in yourself and your team.

Who should read this:
• Aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners
• Business leaders, managers and executives

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