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The Secret - Book summary

The Secret is the Law of Attraction, which says that “like attracts like”, and our thoughts create our lives. In this book, Rhonda Byrne explains The Secret–including stories, quotes and perspectives from New Age and self-help gurus and famous personalities like Einstein, Jung and Emerson)–and outlines how to apply it to achieve what we want in our lives. In this free version of The Secret summary, you’ll learn some of the key ideas behind The Secret. Do also check out our book summary bundle in pdf/mp3 infographic, text and audio formats!The Secret summary - book summary bundle

Everything in the universe is made of vibrating atoms and energy, including us. When examined under a microscope, we are masses of energy, within larger masses of energy.

Introduction to The Secret

Energy vibrates at specific frequencies; our thoughts are magnetic with their frequencies too. Our personal vibrations are determined by our thoughts and feelings. When we think of something, we are transmitting these frequencies to the Universe, like a human transmission tower, and they magnetically attract things of the same frequency. In short, like attracts like, and we attract things, people and circumstances that are of a similar vibration or frequency as ourselves.

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The Law of Attraction is a law of nature. It is as impartial and as predictable as the law of gravity, and works regardless of whether we know or believe it. We attract what we think of the most, including:

Good and bad thoughts: The law of attraction doesn’t distinguish between good or bad thoughts, and it doesn’t recognize whether you want or don’t want something. It simply delivers what you are thinking about most persistently. Most people don’t get what they want because they are focusing more on what they don’t want (e.g. they don’t want to be fat/ lonely), and hence end up getting more of it.

Conscious and sub-conscious thoughts: The law of attraction does not only focus on conscious thoughts. You may say that you want more money, but sub-consciously feel undeserving or doubtful about your ability to earn/ attract the money – the Universe recognizes and delivers on those sub-conscious thoughts.


We have about 60,000 thoughts a day, and it’s not possible to control all these thoughts. Our feelings can be used as a tool to become aware of what we are thinking, and to accelerate the manifestation of what we want.

• Use feelings to identify our thoughts: We cannot concurrently feel good and bad at the same time – if you are feeling good, you know you are holding “good thought”, and bringing more of what makes you feel good. If you are feeling bad, you can quickly catch yourself and the underlying “bad thoughts”, and shift back to the positive.

• Use feelings to supercharge what you wish to attract: When you feel something strongly, it sends out strong frequencies to attract what you are feeling. That is why what we resist tends to persist (because we give it focus and feeling, attracting more of the same).

You do not need to be worried about every negative thought that you may have, because:
• Not all fleeting thoughts are manifested; what manifests most predictably are sustained thoughts that are super-charged with feelings.
• Positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative thoughts, and it takes many persistent negative thoughts to bring something negative into being.

Hence, the best short-cut is to feel good, happy and positive everyday, because that will bring more good things and happiness to you.

Using The Secret: Tips & Processes


To change our lives, we first change our thoughts. The power of creation is in the present, in the now, when the thought is formed and being transmitted. In our full version of The Secret summary, we explain more about these 3 key steps involved in using The Secret: Ask, Believe, Receive.


To use The Secret, we need to develop awareness, and manage our thoughts and feelings. In our full 12-page summary, you’ll learn more about what it means to master your thoughts, manage your feelings, and use various processes to speed up the shift in your reality, including cleaning up your frequencies, leveraging the power of expectation, the power of gratitude, and the power of visualization.

The Secret in Action

Using the laws of attraction principles, Bryne gives specific tips and various examples of how to apply it to different aspects of our lives, including having our ideal body, money, relationships, health and an abundant life. If you’d like to find out more about the Secret and how to apply it in your life, do check out our full book summary bundle. This includes an infographic, 12-page text summary, and a 25-minute audio summary.

The Secret summary - book summary bundle

This book combines points from The Secret film with quotes and insights from teachers and other famous personalities like Einstein, Jung and Emerson, as well as additional points from Byrne. You can purchase the book here or get more resources from the official website.

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