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1. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

How far can you go if you're surrounded by successful people, every single day? 

There are so many ingredients behind success – people skills, financial intelligence, personal clarity and effectiveness, innovation, sales and marketing, leadership, and more. Why not surround yourself with successful people and learn from the best-in-class, from all walks of life? Learn from them at your desk, as you drive, by the beach... anytime, anywhere.

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If time is your most precious resource, how are you using it? 

Most people don't think about the Return-on-Investment of their daily activities. By investing just 1% of your time, to learn the best ideas from top books around the world, you can improve your clarity, productivity, wealth, relationships, and happiness. Now that's what we call a good ROI.


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Now, you can review and apply powerful ideas, literally at a glance.

How many times have you been inspired by a great book, but can't even remember the details weeks later? One of the biggest benefits that our subscribers say they receive from ReadinGraphics, is the ability to recap powerful ideas from their favourite books at a glance, using our 1-page graphic summaries. So they can return to these ideas again and again to harness the power of repetition. Some even print them out as posters for daily reminders!

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We have different lifestyles and learning habits. That's why ReadinGraphics comes with a choice of audio, text and graphic summaries to engage your senses, and suit your personal preferences. Download the materials and have flexibility to use them on any of your computers or mobile devices!


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I love what ReadinGraphics has done with the graphic summary and audio file. It’s very, very well done and picks up the key messages of the Go Zone.  Do you want to reclaim total focus, boost your productivity, protect and enhance your well-being and resilience? I urge you now to delve deeper into the Go Zone. You and everyone around you will benefit.

Mark McKeon - Author of Get in the Go Zone


I’m really impressed with how well you have captured the essence of the books….it’s practical, it’s insightful, it’s helpful, and it saved me just a ton of time with all of the information… Well done, keep up the great work.

Greg, ReadinGraphics Subscriber


I love Readingraphics because I can take in an entire book and it’s concepts and tools at-a-glance. The infographic images are spot on... I am able to take in more business learning in a month with Readingraphics than I am able to read in a year; and that saves me time! 

Terry Taylor, ReadinGraphics Subscriber

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