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Often, we get readers asking us questions like, “what are the best books to read”, “what are the best business books”, “what are the best self-help books” or “which book can help me to achieve my goals”?  So, we found a creative way to put together the list of best books on business and personal development.

But, bear in mind that no best book can answer all your questions. A great book can give you a headstart, but true success and breakthroughs come from constant learning, application, and integration of your insights into various areas of your life. For instance, a good book could give you great ideas on how to start a business, and highlight great tips and potential pitfalls to avoid. But you can only build a profitable, successful business if you apply those ideas in real-life, and concurrently learn about different areas of business (e.g. product development, leadership and management, sales & marketing, culture and organizational development, finance, etc.).

So, how do you connect the dots and find the best resources to support your business and personal goals? Use this visual book map to see our selection of top business and personal development books.

• Click here to download a pdf copy of the “visual book map” below. Use it to identify the related skills or knowledge you may need to achieve specific goals, and to find the best business books and best self-help books you can start with.Best Books to Read

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We update this book map every alternate month, so feel free to check back for the latest map any time!

We’d love your feedback–feel free to leave a comment below or contact us with with suggestions on the best books to be incorporated in our list, or ways to improve this visual book map.  :)

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