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Selling More Effectively with Behavioral Segmentation

The world around us is changing rapidly. How can you sell more effectively and tap on exciting new opportunities out there? Do you need to fundamentally change the way you approach sales? Well, the the great news is, most foundational sales principles haven’t changed, e.g. knowing your customers, offering something that addresses their pain-points, building trust and connection. But, in an interconnected world where customers get bombarded by hundreds and thousands of sales messages daily, it’s no longer enough to have a broad idea of your customers’ demographic and geographic location. You must get to know them much, much better, i.e. you also need behavioral segmentation.

Basically, behavioral segmentation is about segmenting your customers based on how they act or behave in relation to your products/services.  This includes an understanding of the benefits they seek, the occasions or situations under which they buy, how much/often they use the products/services, their level of brand loyalty, user status and readiness to buy. Below is a useful infographic from Salesforce to help you think about behavioral segmentation.

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Why You Need to Use Behavioral Segmentation

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