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Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath is no doubt one of our favourite books about messaging and communications, with so many vivid and interesting examples that bring their points to life (and make ’em stick).  Read our book summary of Made to Stick here.

Well, we were really excited to find this summary illustration by Referral Candy, which condenses some of the powerful examples in the book and real life, all in graphics. *Love it!*  Here’s a reblog, with some adaptation to their original graphics/ illustrations.


The SUCCESs Checklist

To recap, here are the 6 key ingredients to make any message “stick” in your mind (read the details in our book summary).

Made to stick_SUCCESs principles


Here are some examples and illustrations for each of these items, courtesy of Referral Candy!


Made to stick_simple_examples


For the marketers out there, here are the 23 examples of the “Simplicity” principle being applied in real-life marketing campaigns.


Made to stick_unexpected_examplesLikewise, here are another 18 examples of surprising marketing messages that grab your attention and pique your interest.


Made to stick_concrete_examples


Here are an additional 15 examples of concreteness in marketing.


Made to stick_credible_examples


Here are 12 more examples of how credibility is built/ created in marketing.


Made to stick_emotions_examplesStill unsure how to create emotion-centric marketing messages?  Here are 13 more examples.


Made to stick_stories_examples

And finally, here are 11 good examples of story-telling in marketing.


We hope these examples will help you to deepen your understanding of the SUCCESs stickiness checklist.  Nothing beats reading the original book by the Heath Brothers though – here’s a link to get a copy, or you can read on to find out how to make your messages spread like wildfire.


Click here to download the Made to stick infographic & summary

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