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The Best Business Books, Old & New

Can you learn business skills and insights from great business books? The answer is a resounding “yes”.  Here, you’ll find the summaries of the best business books from the past few decades. We’ve carefully selected the top business books across a wide range of topics, including business strategy, people-management, finance, systems and processes, sales and marketing, team-building, leadership, management and so on. What’s more, we’ve distilled the key insights in easy-to-digest formats to help you digest and internalize the concepts quickly. [Click here to start reading free business book summaries!]

Best Business Books of All Time

What’s the difference between good business book and a bad one?

First, good business books present proven ideas based on real-world case studies and experience, and are backed with solid research, examples and facts. Never accept “fluffy” concepts and high-level concepts based on the author’s own theories and conjectures.

Second, they should contain practical principles, frameworks, tips or processes that you can apply to your own business or work. In our experience, the best business books are so robust that the insights are relatively timeless, i.e. they stay relevant and applicable decades after the book was written. The context and examples may change, but the wisdom behind them last the test of time.

Third, they should be well-written, well thought-out and well-structured. Unfortunately, many books may have brilliant content, yet are so dry and “heavy” that they put you to sleep in no time. Luckily for you, we’ve already done the tough part of reading and summarizing the books so you can skip right to the key insights below.

Best Business Books to Read

Are you an entrepreneur who’s starting a new business or expanding your existing business? Or perhaps you’re an employee holding a managerial or leadership role in an established organization? Whichever the case, managing a successful business isn’t easy, especially given the ever-changing, increasingly complex world we live in.

If you’re searching for resources and insights for specific business challenges, we recommend starting with our list of recommended books for business broken down by topic. If you just want to learn about business in general and don’t know where to start, consider these categories: starting a business, growing and scaling up a business, sales and marketing, leadership and management, influence and negotiations, culture and team-building, finance, human resource management, systems and automation, productivity, technology and innovation, product development and testing, organizational development and structure, problem-solving and decision-making.

Also, feel free to search for book titles, authors or keywords in the search bar provided.

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