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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction and the process of visualization? If you are interested in harnessing the power of “creative visualization”, then The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one book you have to read.<

The book is really a consolidation of tips, stories and quotes from New Age and self-help gurus and famous personalities like Einstein, Jung and Emerson, with suggestions on how to apply The Law of Attraction to achieve what we want in our lives.

In this article, we’ll elaborate on the 3-step Creative Process of Ask-Believe-Receive outlined in the book.
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Your thoughts are formed right now, in the present. You are thinking, feeling and responding to this email as you read it.  Hence the power of creation is always in the present, in the now, when the thought is formed and being transmitted.

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“Ask and you shall receive”.

It seems like a really simple idea, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t dare to ask for what they want, or they are unclear about what they want to begin with.

If you already have a roof over your head, a happy family and a decent job, should you feel guilty for wanting more?  Many people do, and they walk around with a constant sense of fear or guilt that they actually want more in life. They dare not ask for what they want because it may be deemed to be greedy or selfish. Look inside yourself…. is this how you feel deep inside?

On the other hand, others may be clear that they want a change in their circumstances, but lack clarity on their desires.  They know what they don’t want, but are not yet clear on what they do want. They may also feel undeserving of the wealth, happiness or riches that they desire.

So, the first step is to really get crystal-clear on what you want, and to ask for it.  If you send out mixed signals, the universe will also give you mixed results. Write down clearly what you want, with feeling e.g. “I am so happy that ….” If you are crystal-clear in your request, you need to only ask or “place your order” once, like how you place an order at a restaurant and know with certainty that it will be delivered to you.
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“Believe to see” or “see to believe”?

Which do you subscribe to?  Even if we want to believe that the universe will deliver what we asked for, our logical mind will often step in to tell us “get real, look around you… it won’t happen.”
So, this step is primarily about faith.
When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, and when the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, they were the only people who could see (in their minds) what they were creating, way before others around them caught or believed in their vision.

When you can think, speak and act as if you are already receiving what you want, the law of attraction naturally moves people, resources and events to reflect what you already believe. It’s not your job to worry about how it will happen – the right ideas and solutions will be delivered to you at the right time – IF you believe. Instead, work on your faith and belief levels, get child-like and have fun with make-believe, as if you already have what you asked for.

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Is it enough to ask, believe, then sit there and wait for our orders to fall on our laps?  Of course not.

We need to take action.

However, there’s a difference between struggling/ forcing our way to our goals, versus feeling good about the process and taking “inspired action”.

Picture yourself in a fast-moving river – rather than going against the river flow (which will be tiring and frustrating), allow yourself to flow with the current of the river (which will feel effortless).  When we are on the frequency of receiving and take inspired action that is in flow with the Universe, it effortless and wonderful.

Receiving is hence very much about our feelings. It’s about feeling good, as if we have already received what we want. In so doing, we get on the right frequency to attract what we want to us.

Using the Creative Process

So, here you are, the 3-Step Creative Process of Ask-Believe-Receive.

Conceptually, it may seem straightforward.  But, when you try to apply it, you will likely experience the full swing of conflicting thoughts and emotions, revolving primarily around the issues of fear, guilt, doubt and the question of “am I truly deserving?” Don’t worry – you are not alone, and these conflicting feelings are but part and parcel of developing your clarity, faith and intuition.

To deepen your understanding of the process and concept of creation and visualization, check out more concepts and tips in this article, where we touch on additional perspectives and elements of the creative process, including Hill’s 13 Principles of Success Consciousness, and Collins’ explanation of the Stockdale Paradox.

However, the only way to truly comprehend and internalize these tips and insights to try it yourself. Practice makes perfect, so just take the first steps and keep going at it!

Haven’t read The Secret? Get a copy of the book from now.

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