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“I have used other summary services and found ReadinGraphics the best service for me. The team at RIG can read a book, assimilate the information to its most important elements and communicate those important parts to me in a digestible format. The Unique Selling Point for me that sets RIG apart was the graphic summary they provide. As a visual thinker, I can more easily recall the actionable/important points because they are laid out and formatted in a clever way. The design of the graphics summary makes a huge difference for me and is a huge value add in my mind. In my opinion, when it comes to business non-fiction, a book is useless unless it move the reader to action and positively changes our behavior. RIG, and summaries, allow me to take action on the best parts of our generations best books!”

Josh RutzenUnited States, Purchasing Manager, LGI Homes

“I’ve always been a keen reader and hungry for constant personal development through consuming content, in books, publications, courses and podcasts. During my time as an Executive of a FTSE250 technology business and whilst studying for my MBA, I would often make notes from books and other sources using mind maps.
Finding ReadinGraphics has been a huge delight for me, the fact that so many of my favourite books have been beautifully summarised into infographics and accompanying notes helps me to jump back in to books I read years ago and refresh my learning. It also helps me understand the key points of books I want to read later, supporting a triage process of which book to read next!
I highly recommend ReadinGraphics, both as a tool to remind you of key points from books but also as a summary of books you haven’t yet read.”

Paul GudonisUnited Kingdom, Chief Strategy Officer, AnsuR Technologies

“I love Readingraphics because I can take in an entire book and it’s concepts and tools at-a-glance. The infographic images are spot on and cover the entire content. I can print the infographic poster size to put on my wall and study. I am able to take in more business learning at a glance with Readingraphics than I am able to read in a month; and that saves me time!”

Terry TaylorUnited States, Business Coach (founder @ Versoria)

“ReadinGraphics provides concise summaries of many of my favourite business books. I have found the graphics great for refreshing key concepts of books I've already read and the longer summaries are fantastic time savers for books I haven't got around to reading yet. The graphical representation of ideas is especially engaging for visual learners.”

Gary McGowanSouth Africa, Investor and Mobile Specialist

“I can honestly say that I have tried all the summary services out there (Blinkist, Optimize, Storyshots, GetAbstract to name a few) and I've found yours to be the best. The use of graphics in the summary is truly amazing and makes all the difference, particularly when it comes to stuff that's easier explained by a chart or diagram. The other services only uses text which does not convey the message as effectively. I also love that there is no set number of pages for the summaries so that each one can have the length needed to cover it properly. In short, your service is truly amazing.”

Johan FranzénSweden, Subscriber

“I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts, usually when I'm driving, just 'cos the moment I get out of my car I'm just inundated with stuff to do. And as I'm listening, I can't take notes because – I'm driving. With ReadinGraphics, I just need to login and download those notes. Even better, because reading reams of words is not my favorite thing to do, they are laid out in a beautiful visual format. This may be the business world's most valuable website.”

Jay SooSingapore, CEO, Moving Bits

“I am so impressed by the work done and the potential for your project. I love the infographics and the ability to refresh my mind quickly about the core value propositions in these books. It’s the power of repetition at work.”

Aram MirkazemiUnited States, CEO Altium Limited

“Your amazing products are really helping me relationship-wise with my clients. I purchase the summaries in bulk and share the agreed number of copies with my clients. With the big discount you give me, this makes it the world's cheapest marketing activity, to demonstrate valuable insight and knowledge. Thank you for your product and for being an important and tangible part of my image and brand!”

Claus JensenDenmark, Founder Dotsassociates

“As a sales trainer, time is money. I love your audio files, infographics, and how the information is summarized into bite sized pieces. It allows me to cheat the traditional learning curve, and use all the time I’ve saved to apply my learnings to my business. I love it!”

Ian Isiah DingSingapore, Sales Professional

“I absolutely LOVE ReadinGraphics. It saves me time when I am trying to find a book that specifically addresses my interests. The Graphics and Text summaries save me a bunch of time, and the audio version allows me to review a book when I'm on the go. No other service that I know of is as complete as ReadinGraphics. It's definitely worth the investment!”

Ellis NashUSA, Subscriber

“For visual learners like me, sometimes reading a book is not enough. I like printing Readingraphics' visual summaries as a constant reminder for those great books I want to absorb.”

Ronen TevaThailand, Entrepreneur

“I’ve tried quite a few summary websites and yours are the best summaries I’ve seen so far and the most detailed.”

Fred BrownUnited States, Founder, Ignitemindshift

“The material was very useful for me, but more importantly great customer care.”

Ritchie PaikUnited States, SVP XPO Logistics
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