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“I love Readingraphics because I can take in an entire book and it’s concepts and tools at-a-glance. The infographic images are spot on and cover the entire content. I can print the infographic poster size to put on my wall and study. I am able to take in more business learning at a glance with Readingraphics than I am able to read in a month; and that saves me time!”

Terry TaylorUnited States, Business Coach (founder @ Versoria)

“ReadinGraphics provides concise summaries of many of my favourite business books. I have found the graphics great for refreshing key concepts of books I've already read and the longer summaries are fantastic time savers for books I haven't got around to reading yet. The graphical representation of ideas is especially engaging for visual learners.”

Gary McGowanSouth Africa, Investor and Mobile Specialist

“I’ve tried quite a few summary websites and yours are the best summaries I’ve seen so far and the most detailed.”

Fred BrownUnited States, ReadinGraphics customer

“I am so impressed by the work done and the potential for your project. I love the infographics and the ability to refresh my mind quickly about the core value propositions in these books. It’s the power of repetition at work.”

Aram MirkazemiUnited States CEO Altium Limited, Subscriber

“ReadinGraphics has allowed me to pursue my own personal and professional development by giving me the core principles, and heart of the author, of books I love in a summary format I can trust and put into action daily. This has given me a chance to grow while giving me back my time to spend with all the reasons I want to be a better person in the first place; my faith, family, friends and professional goals!”

Josh RutzenPurchasing Manager, LGI Homes, Subscriber

“As a sales trainer, time is money. I love your audio files, infographics, and how the information is summarized into bite sized pieces. It allows me to cheat the traditional learning curve, and use all the time I’ve saved to apply my learnings to my business. I love it!”

Ian Isiah DingSingapore Sales Trainer, Subscriber

“For visual learners like me, sometimes reading a book is not enough. I like printing Readingraphics' visual summaries as a constant reminder for those great books I want to absorb.”

Ronen TevaThailand Entrepreneur, Subscriber

“The material was very useful for me, but more importantly great customer care.”

Ritchie PaikUSA SVP XPO Logistics, Customer

I’m really impressed with how well you have captured the essence of the books….it’s practical, it’s insightful, it’s helpful, and it saved me just a ton of time with all of the information… Well done, keep up the great work.
– Greg, United States