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Loving ReadinGraphics’ summaries?

Here are 3 ways to buy them for your friends, colleagues and loved ones!

E-Gift Cards

These gift cards can be used to offset any purchases from our ReadinGraphics store. Click here to personalize your gift card: select any value, design, message and send the gift card (with a special code) via email.  The recipient can use the code anytime–it never expires!

Gift Subscriptions

Buy ReadinGraphics’ monthly subscriptions or annual subscriptions as a gift. [Need to describe how it works. How does the person get the account after they receive the code?]

Gift Individual Summaries

Want to buy a specific summary for someone? Simply go to our store, select the desired title, and choose “gift this summary”. Enter the recipients’ email address, your personalized message and they’ll a special code that they can use to checkout the selected summary at no cost!

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