Never Split The Difference

NEVER SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It 

By Chris Voss

Human negotiations are fundamentally about our primal, emotional desire to get what we want. That is why the same approach and techniques can work for hostage situations, buying a house and getting a pay raise alike. In this book, experienced FBI negotiator and award-winning teacher, Chris Voss, shares tried-and-tested techniques for negotiations that can be applied in a wide range of work and personal scenarios.

In this summary, you’ll learn:
Active-listening skills, tips and tools that you can apply to build rapport;
• What is tactical empathy, and how to use labeling to validate someone’s emotions and diffuse negative feelings; ;
• Why you should invite someone to say “No”, how to extract it from your counterpart, and to move from “No” to “Yes”;
• The 2 magic words that can transform any negotiation, and how to get them;
• How you can shape reality & perceptions, and find leverage in any situation to secure the best possible deal;
• Why and how to create the Illusion of Control, to nudge the other party to reach the conclusion you want;
• Why deals can unravel, and what you should do to ensure you secure a deal that is executed;
• What to expect when you face professional negotiators, and how to prepare yourself;
• How you can find Black Swans, or the “unknown unknowns”, to transform the outcome of your negotiations; and
• How to put all these tips together into a 1-page negotiation sheet.

Who should read this:
• Leaders, managers, and business executives.
• People with responsibilities in sales and negotiations, or anyone who wishes to improve their negotiation skills

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