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95% of businesses fail, but it doesn’t have to be so. These 5 books are essential tools for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to avoid common entrepreneurship pitfalls and to maximize their chances of success.  See more details below.

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What does it take to build a successful business, and where should you start

Whether you’re planning to start a micro-business for cashflow, or build a business to sell, this bundle addresses some of the fatal startup errors which you can avoid, and key foundations needed to build a business that supports your personal dreams and goalsA must-read for any startup entrepreneur or business owner! 

Here are some powerful ideas you can take away from this bundle:

• Discover the entrepreneurial myth that blindsides most entrepreneurs, and understand what’s really required of you as a business founder;

• Learn what it really means to work “on” your business and not “in” it, so you can fulfill your vision and life goals, rather than become a slave to your business;

• Come face to face with some tough questions about your business, including the viability of your business idea, and whether you have started on the right footing;

• Become aware of your (untested) assumptions and how they can derail you. Learn the difference between “guessing” and “experimenting”;

• Learn the proven approach to steer your product development & innovation efforts, measure your learning and progress, and know whether you’re on the right path;

• Find out how to build the right foundations for your business, and various approaches you can take, e.g. starting a small venture alongside your current job/ business, building a micro-business as an extension of who you are, or building the next Google, PayPal, Marriott or Uber; and

• Learn important business concepts like niche, value-creation, customer segmentation, and the specific steps involved in launching a business.

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