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ReadinGraphics’ Covid-19 Response: Letter from Founder

Dear Readers,

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic with widespread economic implications. Here’s a quick update on ReadinGraphics’ response and what we’re doing to help.


Business Continuity

ReadinGraphics has a fully-remote team, which allows us to operate safely during this period. Nonetheless, a few of our team members and partners have been affected by the Covid-19 situation in their home countries.  We pray for their safety.

In the meantime, our operations will continue as per normal. We’re still hiring, still generating great summaries each month and delivering them digitally to our customers worldwide. However, do bear with us if we’re slightly slower to respond to emails due to the higher volume of requests/queries.  Thank you so much for your continued support during these tough times.


Lending a Helping Hand

ReadinGraphics may be a small startup, but we’re committed to do what we can. Our mission remains unchanged—to bring great ideas to life and help people to achieve success and breakthroughs. Given finite resources, we’ll be focusing on areas where we can best use our strengths/assets to create multiplier effects for our users and their communities.

During this period, we’ll be setting aside 50% of our monthly profits toward these measures:

  • Direct monetary contribution to suitable charity organizations [main beneficiary so far has been the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund]
  • Subsidies for ReadinGraphics customers who’re truly unable to pay in full due to the COVID-19 situation
  • Developing free resources for individual and businesses who’re directly affected by the crisis.

Below is a breakdown of the initiatives that we’ll be taking (along with ReadinGraphics’ parent company, Skool of Happiness Pte Ltd). We’re continually improving the measures and updating this page, so feel free to check back in.  We also welcome your suggestions and support.



We understand that the COVID-19 outbreak has left some of our customers in a tough spot financially.  Here are some immediate initiatives for customers:


We implemented a 15% discount store-wide from 15 March to 31 May 2020 to help customers defray costs.  Although this offer has ended, you can still contact us via the link below if you require any special subsidies during these difficult times. Or check out our other current promotions.


For existing ReadinGraphics premium subscribers:

All monthly subscription download credits will be made available even after subscription suspension/termination, for up to 12 months. So, if you need to terminate your subscriptions during this period, we’ll retain and transfer your unused download credits when you renew or purchase a new subscription. Or, you can email us anytime for the summaries to be sent directly to you.

If you truly need ReadinGraphics’ summaries but can’t afford the full payments, please contact us with your subsidy requests. The team will do what we can to help. Given finite resources, we’ll be prioritizing the subsidies where they can create the greatest multiplier effects for the users and their communities. Kindly do not abuse this offer—let it be used by those who need it most and are genuinely unable to pay. 


Many people and communities are still reeling from the immediate shock and lifestyle changes from COVID-19—fear for the health and safety of loved ones, getting supplies amidst panic-buying, figuring out how to work remotely, dealing with the hassles and inconvenience of service disruptions, wondering about the future of their jobs etc. However, the real impact has yet to hit us—as people stay home, spending dries up, small businesses die and jobs get lost, the ripple effects and repercussions could be much wider.

Besides humble cash donations to relevant charity organizations, ReadinGraphics will be focusing on using our content and summaries to help those looking for answers and solutions to move forward.

To help us develop the most relevant materials/resources, we’d like to start a dialogue to understand your most pressing challenges, and the help that you require the most.  Please help us to help you by sharing your key challenges and required help here.



Once again, thank you for your continued support of ReadinGraphics during these trying times. It matters so much to us.

Do stay safe and be well. Together, we can ride through this crisis together.


With warmest regards,

Angela Lam

Chief Potential Officer

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