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Coronavirus Business Implications and Challenges

The Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak has seriously affected businesses on all fronts, as consumers stay at home, lock-downs are imposed, revenues dip and unemployment rises. Businesses are still reeling from the impact on sales, cashflow, operations and trying to balance business continuity with the safety of their employees and customers. The past couple of months have served as a major wake-up call for many companies, especially those with little/no online presence, heavy reliance on a few sources of revenues, low cash reserves and no proper contingency plans. What are the Coronavirus business implications and how can you address them to survive and thrive in the long term?

If you’re concerned with the immediate business implications of the coronavirus outbreak, do check out this useful article by McKinsey which will be updated periodically as the situation evolves. In the meantime, here are our recommendation of the top 3 books for addressing the key businesses implications and challenges spot-lighted by the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether you’re stuck at home with the lock down, or preparing to resume some normalcy in life, why not use this chance to review, learn and regroup so you can emerge stronger and better? Look for top summaries in our store here.  Keep calm and read on!


coronavirus business implications_remote summary
Technological progress has made remote work an increasingly attractive option for both employers and employees. With the Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak, many organizations are now forced to explore ways to allow their employees to work remotely.  If you’re still not remote-ready, then this is a great book to get an overview of the benefits and perceived obstacles of remote work, as well as practical tips for both the company and employees to make remote work most effective. If you’re a remote worker (or trying to adjust to being one), then do check out the useful tips for working from home!

Read the Remote free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.


coronavirus business implications_the digital transformation playbook summary

Digitization, e-strategies, e-commerce and digital transformation are all buzzwords that traditional businesses have been talking about. The spread of the Coronavirus and physical lockdowns only made the need for a digital strategy and online presence even more obvious. The hardest-hit businesses are those with little/no digital alternatives. When physical visitors and sales drop, their revenues dry up almost totally.

If you’re struggling to make sense of the digital world and how to transform your business digitally, then The Digital Transformation Playbook is your ideal resource. It explains why digital transformation is more about strategy than technology, and how you can rethink your business using 9 key strategic planning tools in 5 strategic domains. Read The Digital Transformation Playbook free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.


coronavirus business implications_profit first summary

In any business, profits and cashflows are absolutely essential for survival. Yet, many businesses are constantly struggling to bring in enough money each month to pay their bills and employees. Sad to say, many companies will run out of cash and die before the Covid 19 / Coronavirus crisis blows over. What if there’s a way to build a efficient and profitable business where every dollar works hard for you?  Get fresh perspectives on how to handle your budgeting, accounting and finance, and start to transform your business so you’ll be ready to weather future financial storms. Read the Profit First free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.

So there you are: 3 top books to address the Coronavirus business implications and key challenges.  We’ll be updating list, so do check back in for more updates and book recommendations.

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You can also learn about ReadinGraphics’ Covid-19 response here.

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