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The Best Books about Science and Technology

We live in the Digital Age where every aspect of our life is touched by science and technology—from medical treatments to smartphones, online search, social media, business strategy and operations. Digital technologies shape how we live, connect, create value, think and learn. Below, you’ll find a list of the top Science and Technology books to get insights about: strategies for technology and digitization, developing and marketing technology-related products, and latest scientific discoveries like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum physics. [Click here for free summaries of Science & Technology books!]

Which Books On Technology to Read

Technology can automate processes, speed things up and help us to perform complex tasks easily. Yet, it has made our lives busier and more “cluttered” with ceaseless messages, emails, etc.

From a personal perspective: How can you leverage technology to simplify your life and improve your productivity?  What are some of the threats and opportunities to consider with regard to developments like artificial intelligence, genetic-modifications and other scientific progress? How can you become more tech-savvy to advance in your work/career? Check out books like Life 3.0 (to understand the progress and implications of artificial intelligence), Homo Deus (which traces mankind’s evolution  and driving forces—including technology—for the future), or A Brief History of Time (for a crash-course on mankind’s scientific discoveries on space, time, black holes, quantum theory etc.).

From a business perspective, technology has revolutionized the way businesses work. “Disruptive technologies” have transformed entire industries, wiped out huge corporations, and introduced countless new, nimble businesses and solutions.  How can you develop a robust digital strategy for a large corporation and address potentially disruptive forces in your industry? How can you use technology to start and scale a business with minimal resources?  Check out books like The Digital Transformation Playbook (to rethink your business across in 5 strategic domains), Hooked (combining psychology and technology to build habit-forming products to hook your customers), or Crossing the Chasm (to market and sell high-tech products to mainstream customers).

Prepare For The Future-Today!

Whether you wish to want to simplify/improve your work processes, leverage technology in your work/business, or simply become more tech-savvy, the list of best technology books below will certainly help. Not only has ReadinGraphics compiled the list of top science & technology books below, we’ve also distilled them into 3 easy-to-digest summary formats: audio, text, and infographics.  Start reading the free book summaries below, or visit our Store to download the complete text, infographic and audio summaries!

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