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Learn How to Sell with The Best Sales Books

“How you sell has become more important than what you sell.” This quote from “The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson sums up the importance of sales skills. You may think that the ability to sell is something people are born with. That’s not true. Sales skills aren’t inborn; they’re something you can learn and practice. [Click here for free sales book summaries]

And the truth is, everyone sells. Even if your job doesn’t require you to sell products to customers, you’ll probably need to pitch an idea to your boss (or an investor), sell the benefits of a new business tool to your employees, or even persuade your spouse to move to another city.

To help you develop several essential sales skills, we’ve put together the best sales books that cover a range of timeless sales methodologies and approaches.

The Greatest Sales Books Of All Time – Why You Should Read Them!

Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, an employee or a professional, the ability to sell can boost your career and create lots of growth opportunities. Sales skills can help you to generate more revenue and face unfamiliar situations with confidence.

So, what does it take to become a successful salesperson? You should probably master the art of personal communication, influencing, and negotiation, and also develop business-specific know-how such as how to develop sales strategies and channels.

As a sales professional, you must motivate or convince your customers to try your products or services. This requires that you identify the ideal customers for your solutions, understand their needs/wants, and convey your message effectively so it’s interpreted in the intended way. It’s also useful to understand human psychology, so you can use the right cues or words to move them forward in the desired direction. This is where some of the top sales books come in to empower you with proven strategies, tips and processes to move your prospects and customers forward.

Here are a few examples of great sales books you can start with:
• Use the 6 principles of persuasion in Robert Cialdini’s “Influence” to lead people to say “yes” automatically.
• Learn how to build “The Ultimate Sales Machine” through 12 strategies that span across the sales cycle.
• Read “The Challenger Sale” to know the difference between B2C and B2B sales, and how to close big B2B clients.

Ready To Learn The Art Of Selling?

To master the art of sales, you need to dedicate yourself to the path of continuous learning. ReadinGraphics has carefully selected the best sales books (covering a range of selling-related skills and techniques), and summarized them into 3 forms: infographic, text, and audio summaries.

Below, you’ll find the free versions of these summaries to help you get started. Feel free to search through our collection if you want to read a specific book summary or you want a book on a focused sales tactic. Start reading the free sales book summaries below!

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