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Equip yourself with these Best Books on Marketing!

Effective marketing is crucial for any business’ survival and growth. Even non-profit or governmental organizations need to leverage the power of marketing to communicate their messages and win over their audience. In fact, anyone—from a business leader to an academic professor, student or entrepreneur—can benefit from marketing skills. Here, we’ve shortlisted the best books on marketing to equip you with a range of skills including: marketing strategy, branding, leads funnel and conversion, advertising, public relations, and communications (or marcom). [Click here to start reading free marketing book summaries]

Which are the Best Marketing Books to Hone your Skills?

The best marketers are able to see the big picture to craft an overarching strategy, understand customers’ needs, optimize the marketing funnel and build a strong brand. This includes crafting right messages and offers, selecting and managing marketing channels, nurture leads, converting them to customers, getting repeat sales and referrals. Sounds scary?  The good news is, there’re a wide range of proven marketing principles, tools, techniques, processes and skills to you can learn, not to mention a grasp of human psychology and how marketing relates to other parts of a business (e.g. sales, technology, etc). And, many of these can be found in top marketing books that we’ve selected and summarized below.

No matter what’s your marketing challenge or existing skill level, there will always great books that can help. Here are our top 5 recommendations to get you started:

• Read The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” for timeless principles and tips on positioning and branding.

• Use The 1-Page Marketing Plan to focus on the 20% of strategic activities that will deliver 80% of your results (ideal for small-medium businesses).

• In Building a StoryBrand, you can learn the 7 components of a BrandScript to craft a compelling story and message.

• Master the art and science of Hacking Growth: learn how to get better results in all parts of your marketing funnel and grow your business rapidly with minimal resources.

• Read “Influence” to learn the 6 principles of persuasion, which you can incorporate in all your marketing activities ”

Get Results now with the Top Marketing Books

Obviously, you must apply the ideas and techniques to get results. And, like all skills, practice makes perfect.  ReadinGraphics helps to accelerate this process by (i) selecting the best marketing books, and (ii) distilling the actionable insights into text, infographic and audio summaries. These allow you to digest the frameworks and tips quickly, and recap them easily and apply them in the real-world application.

Ready to start learning a range of marketing-related skills, strategies and techniques from the top marketing books? Start reading the free summaries below, or visit our store anytime to download the complete text, infographic and audio summaries!

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