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The Best Books on Learning & Development

In all areas of life—be it learning a new sport or instrument, moving up your career ladder or starting a new business—you must learn new skills and experience to succeed. Indeed, the ability to learn can be one of the biggest multipliers of success. Below, you’ll find a list of the best books on learning and development, with principles, frameworks, and techniques to help you learn faster, achieve better results, and help others around you to do the the same. [Click here for free summaries of the best Learning and Development books!]

Accelerate your Learning & Development

Learning involves the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, perspectives, attitudes or experience. These can be acquired via self-study, training, mentorship, coaching and/or first-hand experience. You can learn how to learn, and create cultures and environments that are conducive for learning & development.

Here are some of the top learning & development book to help you expand your know-how on training and development, memory and learning techniques, personal/organizational development, teaching and education, and cultivating a learning mindset and culture. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend beginning with these 4 learning & development book summaries:

Make it Stick: Understand the 3-part process in the human learning process, how information is stored/retrieved in your brain, and how you can use specific techniques to make learning “stick” and expand your learning capacity.

The Talent Code: Find out about the neurology behind learning, and to use 3 practices to cultivate exceptional talent.

Mindset: Techniques alone aren’t enough. Cultivate a growth mindset to pave the way for real growth.

The Fifth Discipline: Go beyond personal learning to find out what it takes to build a “learning organization.”

Get started with top Learning & Development Book Summaries

ReadinGraphics has curated the best books around the world, and applied the latest brain sciences and learning strategies to develop our text, audio and infographic book summaries. These varied formats are designed to cater to different learning styles, and reinforce the insights for better understanding and retention.

We recommend using the detailed audio and text summaries to digest the concepts and actionable tips from each book, then recap and connect the ideas visually using the 1-page infographics. Start learning from the free book summaries below, or visit our Store to download the comprehensive text, infographic and audio summaries!

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