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Business Innovation

The Best Books On Innovation

Creativity. Imagination. Thinking-out-of-the-box. These are some of the words we hear all the time in business, work and everyday life. Indeed, whether you’re facing an unfamiliar situation or adapting to a fast-changing environment, the ability to think on your feet and develop innovative solutions are crucial skills indeed. [Click here to start reading free innovation book summaries!]

Every human being has the ability to dream, imagine and create. All you need to do is cultivate and nurture the sparks of creativity, and build on great ideas around you. At an organizational level, your success (or survival) may very well hinge on your ability to harness people’s creativity and innovate continually.

Here, we have shortlisted some of the best books on innovation to unlock individual creativity, cultivate creative problem-solving skills, and manage innovation at an organizational/systemic level. Use these perspectives, strategies, frameworks and tips to make your next breakthrough!

Which are the Best Innovation Books to Read

Innovation is about coming up with great ideas that can actually work to solve real-world problems. It starts with the right mindset–the willingness to explore new ideas, challenge assumptions, learn from mistakes, and persist in face of failure. Creative thinking can also be applied to solving day-to-day problems, developing new products, or even disrupting an entire industry.

With the help of some of the best books on business innovation, you can improve your own innovation and problem-solving skills, and systematically develop the innovative capabilities of your team and organization. Here are some examples of great innovation book summaries you can on this page:

• Innovation inevitably comes with risks and uncertainty. Eric Ries’ Build-Measure-Learn loop in “The Lean Startup” helps you to maximize your chances of developing truly viable products/services with minimal wastage.

• Sometimes, the best insights come from real-life stories and examples. In “Originals“, Adam Grant shares how we can emulate the top innovators to improve our chances of success and impact.

• We hear a lot about “disruptive technologies” like how companies like AirBnb and Youtube have transformed entire industries. Get strategic perspectives on how to manage/counter disruptive technologies in “The Innovator’s Dilemma“, or how to build your own “Exponential Organizations“.

• Every successful innovation is built upon rounds of failed attempts. Read “Black Box Thinking” to learn how to cultivate the right systems and mindsets to learn from failures quickly and improve your chances of success.

Cultivate Originality and Stay Ahead of Competition

Whether you’re an avid innovator, a budding entrepreneur or a business leader looking to improve your organization’s innovation capabilities, you’ll find some truly useful insights, frameworks, tools and strategies in the list of top innovation books below.

Feel free to search our database for specific book titles or topics, or start reading free summaries of best innovation books now!

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