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Book summaries are a powerful learning tool. A well-written summary can help you to recap the key points of books you’ve read, or help you to quickly digest books you haven’t had time to read. [Scroll down to start reading the free summaries now!]

Best Book Summaries for Business and Personal Growth

Not all books are created equal. Some have great content but bad writing. Some are fun to read but lack substance. Business books and self-help books can be especially dry and hard to read. Yet, a great book can shape your attitude, equip you with powerful ideas, frameworks and actionable tips to truly change your life.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you: by carefully selecting the best non-fiction books, capturing the insights using a clear and succinct writing style, and presenting them in a visual, easy-to-digest format. This visual way of learning has been proven to drastically improve understanding, retention and learning application :)

Below, you’ll find the free book summaries of the best business and personal development books across a range of topics—from health to peak performance, leadership, people skills, financial intelligence, business strategy, spiritual growth , and more. Often, growth in 1 aspect of your life will create positive spillovers to other areas.

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