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Do you find yourself setting goals and resolutions at the start of each year, and then feeling bad when the year slips by without much progress being made? Well, most of us have been through that at some point, so don’t fret! It doesn’t matter if you missed a major goal or milestone earlier.  Once you’re ready to take some serious action, you can see concrete results in the next 12 months, regardless of when you start your “new year”.  Here are 6 best success books that you should read to gain clarity, set meaningful goals, find useful tools and identify action steps needed for your next breakthrough.

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In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of each book, with links to the individual book summaries.

6 Best Success Books to Achieve Real Results


Best Success Books_Awaken the Giant Within Summary
All of us have thoughts like, “I shouldn’t do this”, “I can’t possibly achieve that”, “I’m not talented enough / young enough /old enough”, etc.  Such limiting beliefs have a far-reaching impact on all areas of our lives. To achieve massive success, you must become aware of what’s holding you back, raise your standards, change your limiting beliefs and use targeted strategies to unlock your true potential.

What better way to start the year than to learn all these from Tony Robbins, the renowned coach who has personally worked with Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chuck Liddell, Serena Williams and Hugh Jackman, and touched the lives of millions?  In “Awaken the Giant Within”, you’ll discover how your belief systems are built and how they can be changed, learn the “Neuro-Associative Conditioning” (NAC) process and various strategies to define your goals and get what you really want. Read Awaken the Giant Within free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.


Best Success Books_Atomic Habits book summaryOnce you’ve built a good habit, it feels relatively effortless to build momentum for breakthroughs. Yet, breaking bad habits and cultivating new ones can be a real uphill battle if you aren’t equipped with the right knowledge and strategies to conquer those habits.

That’s why you must start your new year with this book to understand scientifically how habits are formed, and how you can change and rebuild them to gain momentum and unlock your true potential.

Read the Atomic Habits free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.


Best Success Books_Go Put your Strengths to Work book summaryWe all have our strengths and weaknesses. Besides knowing how to change your beliefs and habits, it equally vital to identify how to play to your strengths and how to minimize the limiting effects of your weaknesses. “Go Put your Strengths to Work” is a practical guide that achieves this, with 6 powerful steps to identify your strengths and to apply it in real life for outstanding performance. Learn to specifically identify the activities that strengthen and weaken you, and develop a strategy to put this to use (for yourself and your team).

Read GO Put Your Strengths to Work free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.


Best success books - eat that frog

Most people never get started on their New Year resolutions. Or, they are motivated for a few weeks then find themselves losing steam. The 3 books above will provide more than enough knowledge and tools for you to start transforming your results.  The next challenge is to break the inertia and start taking your first baby steps–which can be one of the hardest things to do. This is where this book comes in. “Eat that Frog!” covers 21 tips or strategies to stop procrastinating and get things done more effectively. Just pick a couple of strategies that work for you, and start taking concrete actions this year!

Read the Eat that Frog free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.


Best Success Books_the slight edge book summaryLet’s face it. Success isn’t going to come overnight. Whether you’re looking to reshape your beliefs/habits or play to your strengths, it’ll take time and consistent effort before you see real results. The good news is, you don’t need to take big, scary leaps of faith. With the knowledge and clarity from the first 3 books above, and after eating the frog with your first few steps, all that’s left is to keep applying small daily disciplines to build the momentum gradually, until your efforts snowball into massive success. “The Slight Edge” explains exactly how that works, and how you can identify those small disciplines in each area of your life.

Read The Slight Edge free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.



Best Success Books_the 12 week year book summaryWell, if you’re ready not just to get better results for the coming 12 months, but want to quadruple your results, then The 12 Week Year provides a powerful system to compress 12 months into 12 weeks, so you end up with 4x the results by the end of the year.  A 12-week window is actually proven to an ideal window to drive focused action to get meaningful results. And the great news is, it actually makes the process of achieving your goals more fun and less stressful!

Read The 12 Week Year free summary here, or get the full infographic/ text/ audio summary bundle here.

Best Success Books for your Next Breakthroughs

If you’re ready to make the next 12 months count, this combination of the 6 best success books will definitely equip you with the mindset, framework and tools to propel you forward. We strongly recommend reading all 6 summaries/books as they offer different but equally valuable tips and perspectives. Remember, small things add up… get the momentum going with small, consistent steps and you’ll definitely reap the rewards down the road!

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Looking for book recommendations for other areas, topics or challenges?  Check out our visual book map for the best books to read here.

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