Mark McKeon

Mark McKeon is an Australian author and an advocate of work-life balance and team cohesion. He is a former Magazine Editor and AFL footballer and Conditioning Coach. McKeon is also Consulting Editor to ‘Ultra-Fit’ Magazine (in Australia and the U.K.) and a keynote speaker who has worked with many of Australia’s largest corporations. Besides "Get in the Go Zone", McKeon is also the author of "Work a Little Less, Live a Little More" and "Every Day Counts".

"Let me help you make your conference or training the best ever.” - Mark McKeon

“The Go Zone has made me more focussed and productive at work and more relaxed and truly present at home. Mark’s impact on the quality of my life and work has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

Ray Henderson, Zurich Life

Mark was funny, cheeky and entertaining. He was a great ‘lift’ to the audience and he had a great message to take away, and yet he made it cleverly entertaining. He obviously left an impression as everyone was talking about it on the way home.”


The feedback from the group was magnificent and your presentation was fantastic. Your ability to get a firm message across in a light hearted manner is a great gift Exceptional.”


Mark is wonderful, he epitomizes professionalism and the audiences love him. With Mark at the helm, I am totally confident and he has never let me down.”

National Employment Services Association

Mark McKeon's Books

Get in the Go Zone

What makes this book unique is, rather than preach about the importance of time management, it presents an interesting “time creation program” that helps you accomplish your work while carving out extra time for yourself, your family and your personal success.

We love how it strings together many concepts (single-tasking, peak performance state, time-blocking etc) into an actionable program that anyone can apply.


Every Day Counts

Every Day Counts. Boost your Health and Wellbeing through daily focus on Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management. Award yourself points for daily actions throughout a 9 month ‘rebirth’. The first Wellbeing book to ever be endorsed by the the Australian Government’s Health Promotion Arm, ‘Active Australia.’


Mark Mckeon's Life Tips

100 single page tips on life, leadership, wellbeing and wisdom.  Read in an hour, implement in a day, enjoy for years, benefit forever.  It’s all about being you….but Better!

Programs / Online Courses


Go Zone Online

A 12 - step on line program to Master the Go Zone skills and philosophies.  Each Step incorporates Mark presenting a short video, crucial Go Zone content, practical exercises, a ’sneak peak’ of what’s to come and a 3 question quiz!    A great implementation tool to develop the right Go Zone habits and true long term change.


Work a Little Less, Live a Little More.

A pragmatic formula to truly achieve Work Life Balance using Mark’s ‘BASIC’ formula of setting real boundaries, accepting reality, boosting self confidence, investing time and achieving true consistency. Has become the Australian bible for work life balance.

Keynote Presentations and Workshops

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Get in the Go Zone

Mark’s internationally renown Go Zone presentation and program often rate as ’the conference highlight’ and ’the best presentation I have attended…Ever!’ Combining sharp delivery, unique content and intriguing anecdotes, Mark helps people understand the connection between blood chemistry, mood and mindset and teaches a pathway to total control through the Go Zone.

Mark McKeon Training

Creating a Winning Culture.

As a former athlete and High Performance Coach, Mark truly understands the importance of shared aspirations personal engagement, and the right balance of recognition and challenge.   Mark creates a ’top of the food chain’ mentality and a ’no excuse’ mantra to boost personal and business disciplines.  Practical, engaging and totally outcome focussed.