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1. Learn from only the best

You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Why not surround yourself with the most successful people from all walks of life? Learn from billionaires, legendary leaders, game-changing entrepreneurs, Nobel Prize winners and top professors. Get ahead as you sharpen your people skills, financial intelligence, personal clarity and effectiveness, leadership skills and more!

Become the person everyone looks up to.

2. Absorb more insights with less time

No time to read? Not sure which books to choose? Struggle with boring non-fiction books? Let us do the hard work for you. ReadinGraphics selects only the top business and personal development books, and recreates the materials in a way that can be digested in a fraction of the time.

• Absorb ideas easily with summaries crafted for different learning styles.
• Zoom in on specific details with our text & audio summaries.
• Zoom out to lock in the ideas with our graphic summaries.

A faster and more intuitive way to learn.

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3. Improve learning retention with the world's 1st infographic book summaries

Imagine powerful ideas from an entire book on 1 page of colorful, easy-to-digest graphics. Our ground-breaking graphic summaries are crafted to help you review a book and consolidate learning in minutes. Lock in what you've learned with a visual mental model; you'll remember them much better than reading, listening or even watching videos alone! You can even print out the infographics as posters to reinforce key insights.

Retain and recall insights, faster and better.

4. Customize your learning

You have your unique learning habits and lifestyle. That's why ReadinGraphics comes with a choice of audio, text and graphic book summaries of most popular books to engage your senses and suit your personal preferences. Enjoy the materials online, print them, or download them with full flexibility to use them on any of your computers or mobile devices!

Learn-on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

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5. Get the most from your time

In our fast-changing world, how you use your time decides if you rise above the crowd or fall behind. Every ReadinGraphics summary features only the best ideas from top business books and self-help books, crafted to help you improve your clarity, productivity, wealth, relationships, and happiness. Feel energized by new possibilities and move ahead confidently as you learn and apply new ideas and solutions.

Take control of your learning and results.

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I love what ReadinGraphics has done with the graphic summary and audio file. It’s very, very well done and picks up the key messages of the Go Zone.  Do you want to reclaim total focus, boost your productivity, protect and enhance your well-being and resilience? I urge you now to delve deeper into the Go Zone. You and everyone around you will benefit.

Mark McKeon - Author of Get in the Go Zone


I’m really impressed with how well you have captured the essence of the books….it’s practical, it’s insightful, it’s helpful, and it saved me just a ton of time with all of the information… Well done, keep up the great work.

Greg, ReadinGraphics Subscriber


I love Readingraphics because I can take in an entire book and it’s concepts and tools at-a-glance. The infographic images are spot on... I am able to take in more business learning in a month with Readingraphics than I am able to read in a year; and that saves me time! 

Terry Taylor, ReadinGraphics Subscriber


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