Struggling to Stay Relevant Amidst Rapid Change? 6 Strategy Books any Business Leader Must Read.

Is your business at risk of becoming obsolete? Are you struggling to understand and keep up with “disruptive businesses” like Uber, Air B&B and new business models that are changing the foundations of your industry?  Are you looking for ways to rejuvenate your company and find your new competitive edge?

Whether you are trying to understand how disruptive technologies work, identify your blind spots, or get ideas for your next strategic shift, you’ll definitely get some powerful ideas, tools and processes/ models from these 6 strategy books. No time to read them all? Simply get our book graphic, text and audio summaries for all 6 books here!


Summary Bundle_Good to Great
The book addresses the questions: How can a “good” company make the transition to be “great”? 

Through extensive research and analysis of some 1,435 “good” companies, Collins and his team found several ingredients that helped a small group of 11 companies like Abbott, Gillette, Kimberly Clark) to break away from the rest and become”great”. Discover the formula they used to outperform the market by at least 3 times over 15 years, and how they combined leadership, market niche, mindset, innovation, people, and culture to create unstoppable momentum.

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Summary Bundle_Built to Last

How do you go beyond being “great” to create a brand that lasts for generations, and consistently out-perform competitors by as much as 15 times? How do companies like 3M, American Express, Marriott, Proctor & Gamble and Walt Disney stay successful across generations of chief executives, thrive through multiple product/ services life cycles, and retain their position as the leaders of their industries?

In this book, you’ll learn important principles that underlie the lasting successes of 18 “Visionary Companies” – principles like Clock-Building, embracing the big “And”, Going Beyond Profits, and concurrently Preserving the Core while Stimulating progress.  You’ll also uncover 12 myths about great companies to avoid.  Find out how Visionary Companies use 5 key mechanisms to institutionalize their success, so they build institutions that last the test of time – these include BHAGs, Cult-like Culture, Experimentation, Home-Grown Management, and Continuous Improvement.

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Summary Bundle_The Innovator's Dilemma

Good, successful companies that do all the “right” things can still fail or lose their leadership, in face of unexpected competition.  The books “Good to Great” and “Built to Last” equip you with the key ingredients and foundations for building a great organization that lasts.  This book offers an alternative set of lenses to identify potential blind spots – some of which are ironically the practices that led to your initial success – which can lead to your demise.

The book addresses how to identify disruptive technologies that can render your business irrelevant, and how you can even proactively develop your own disruptive technologies to shape your industry. It explains the Innovator’s Dilemma – how “good management principles” can create blind spots that lead to your downfall – and the strategies and moves that you can use to solve the dilemma.

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How about taking a more proactive approach to handling disruptive technologies?  In this book, you’ll learn how to identify the pattern behind Competitive Revolutions, with strategies and tools that you can use to “outthink” and disorient your competition.  The goal is to stay ahead of the competition without having to outmuscle or outspend them.

The book covers various stratagems from traditional Chinese warfare, which you can adapt for your business as part of your “Outthinker’s Playbook”. It also covers 5 key habits and processes that can be systematically built into your organization, so you can constantly evolve and re-engineer yourself.

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Summary Bundle_Blue Ocean Strategy

Similar to Outthink the Competition, the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) is about carving out new market spaces and rendering your competition irrelevant. The book offers a different set of tools, strategies and frameworks to help you think of new ideas and options, and to shape your breakthrough strategy.  Here, you’ll learn how to create a quantum leap in value  through Value Innovation, develop novel yet commercially-viable blue ocean ideas using tools like the Strategy Canvas, Four Action Framework, ERRC Grid, PMS Map, Buyer Utility Map, and reconstruct your market boundaries with tips like looking across 6 paths, examining 3 tiers of non-consumers etc.  The book also addresses key organizational hurdles to change and how you can overcome them.

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Summary Bundle_The Fifth Discipline
In today’s increasingly dynamic and complex word, an organization’s ability to learn and renew itself is a sustainable competitive advantage. A true “learning organization” has learning and renewal deeply embedded in its DNA.  In this book, Senge explains the 7 Learning Disabilities that most organizations face, as well as the 5 Learning Disciplines that form the blueprint for building a Learning Organization – systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning. Each discipline is made up of various components. When harnessed together, they form the backbone that will support your organization’s ability to constantly learn and renew itself like a living organism.

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