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“I love what ReadinGraphics has done with the graphic summary and audio file.  It’s very, very well done and picks up the key messages of the Go Zone. Do you want to reclaim total focus, boost your productivity, protect and enhance your well-being and resilience? I urge you now to delve deeper into the Go Zone. You and everyone around you will benefit.”

– Mark McKeon, Australia, author of “Get in the Go Zone


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I am so impressed by the work done and the potential for your project. I love the infographics and the ability to refresh my mind quickly about the core value propositions in these books.  It’s the power of repetition at work.

- Aram Mirkazemi, United States, ReadinGraphics subscriber


"For visual learners like me, sometimes reading a book is not enough. I like printing ReadinGraphics' visual summaries as a constant reminder for those great books I want to absorb." 

– Ronen Teva, Thailand, ReadinGraphics Subscriber

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“As a sales trainer, time is money.  I love your audio files, infographics, and how the information is summarized into bite sized pieces. It allows me to cheat the traditional learning curve, and use all the time I’ve saved to apply my learnings to my business. I love it!” 

– Ian Isiah Ding, Singapore, ReadinGraphics yearly subscriber