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The Business Coach Book Summary

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Use this proven 6-step process to grow a successful business that runs itselfSee more details below. Buy the Graphic, Text, and/ or Audio summaries now!

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Product Description

Use this proven process to grow a successful business that runs itself

Most entrepreneurs start a business for freedom, financial rewards and/or to pursue their passion, but find themselves struggling with profits and/or trapped in their business. This book shows you how to quickly grow a small business, and eventually build a successful company that runs itself.

In the book, you’ll learn:

• A 6-step success framework to grow and automate your business – an approach proven to work in any business or industry across more than 50 countries;
• 5 key ways to multiply your profits:
• What it means to align your business and life goals, master key aspects of your business, and develop systems to automate your operations and profits.
• What it’s like to work with a coach, and whether coaching is right for you.
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Who should read this:
• Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs
• Business Owners/ SME CEOs
• Sales & Marketing Executives
• Consultants/ Coaches

Questions addressed:
• How to grow my business?
• How to increase profits?
• How to increase customers?
• Should I spend on leads generation, conversion or customer retention?
• How to free myself from my business?
• How to automate my business?
• What should I focus on in my business?
• What do I do next for my business?
• What’s wrong with my business?
• Who should I hire for my team?

Key concepts covered: mastery, niche, synergy, team, leverage, freedom, money mastery, time mastery, delivery mastery, business chassis, leads generation, conversion, profit margin, customer transactions, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, average dollar sale price, cycle of business, team recruitment, team induction, building a winning team, working on your business and not in it, working with a coach, business coaching.

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2 reviews for The Business Coach Book Summary

  1. 4 out of 5


    Overall this is a good read and serves as a guide for the small businessperson. [Review extracted from Goodreads]

  2. 4 out of 5


    The Business Coach is book that I read over a period of about 7 months by reading small pieces at a time. I started to implement some of the ideas in the book and honestly? It works! I was quite surprised to find the techniques and methods in the book works! [Review extracted from Goodreads]

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